Entering fashion mecca in Collins Street Melbournehttp://www.lelouvre.com.au/story.html

Entering fashion mecca in Collins Street Melbourne

Valentina has always been inspired by her love of dance as well as 50s and 60s Hollywood glamour. Her fashion illustrations are a reflection of this and of that undefinable quality, feminine mystique: glamour, flamboyance, quirkiness, exhuberance, elegance, style, chic, understated, classic, thoughtful, witty, luxuriant..

Valentina Couture Fashion Illustrations draw inspiration from the great beauties of the last century, women who revered style as a reflection of their inner beauty, grace and femininity. She is inspired by the premise that Coco Chanel first coined, ‘a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous’. Valentina aims to express this through grace, movement, line, texture, style, tone, colour… words that paint a picture of the inner you…

Spot the belly dancer in the video clip Holiday by the Berlin Group ‘The Other Ones’. Directed by Alex Proyas.

Spirit Dancer 2012

Spirit Dancer 2012